About Us

Established in 2017 by Jason Liu, NSW Electrical represents dedication, precision, and innovation in the electrical field. Originating from an enthusiasm for automobile lighting, Jason always had a knack for hands-on tasks. This aptitude deepened into a passion after recognizing his inheritance of his late father’s electrical and mechanical prowess.

Choosing to channel this talent, Jason pursued a formal education in the electrical field. He stood out as one of the top students in his trade school, launching his own business earlier than most of his peers. This accelerated success can be attributed to his relentless work ethic, often clocking in 12-hour days, always driven by essential questions: “How can I outperform other electricians?”, “How can I deliver unparalleled value to my clients?”, and “How can I ensure my clients not only trust but also enjoy interacting with me?”

Jason’s particular passion lies in custom lighting solutions and devising innovative solutions to complex electrical challenges. He has a unique gift for distilling intricate concepts into easily understandable terms for his clients.

The name NSW originally stood for “Never Stop Working,” a mantra that Jason wholly embodies. However, a playful remark from his best friend suggested it could also mean “No Shitty Work.” This dual interpretation resonated with Jason, leaving him, and perhaps his clients, pondering which meaning truly captures the essence of NSW Electrical. Regardless of its interpretation, Jason’s dedication to excellence remains unwavering.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to serve our clients with utmost integrity, delivering value-driven solutions tailored to their unique needs. For smaller projects, we prioritize understanding and fulfilling the exact requirements of our customers, ensuring they receive what they want without unnecessary extras. For larger endeavors, we engage deeply with our clients, asking comprehensive questions to envision their future requirements. This foresight ensures our projects are “Done Right the First Time”, avoiding the pitfalls of poor planning that can lead to costly changes, delays, and frustrations. We’ve witnessed the consequences of inadequate preparation and are dedicated to saving our clients both time and money through meticulous planning.