NSW Electrical FAQs

Q: Need to Fix Front Exterior Outlets Losing Power?

A: We get this every day, and 80% of the time you can resolve it yourself. The front and rear exterior outlets normally are tied to a GFCI outlet in the garage, if you find it and press the reset button hard, it should bring the power back. In some weird cases we also found them tied to a kitchen or bathroom gfci outlet, just find all the gfci outlets and reset them. If you still have no luck, call us and we will come resolve it for you.

Q: Q: Need to Fix Kitchen, Pantry or Master Closet Fluorescent Lights not working?

A: Most people say they put a new bulb/tube installed and it still doesn’t work. It’s because it has a ballast inside and it has become defective. If you don’t like how the fixture looks, we can change out the entire fixture. If you are ok with the way it looks. We can repair it simply by cutting out the ballast, rewire the fixture to use LED tube, and you won’t need electrician in the future to service it. Super reliable, energy saving and lower cost.

Q: Need to Fix Bathroom Outlets not working?

A: Sometimes the outlets in the bathroom is tied to a GFCI outlet in another bathroom. Go check all the bathrooms and find the GFCI to Reset them. Once you reset it, the power should come back in all the bathrooms. Call us if you have no luck after you try.

Q: My Circuit Breakers Trip Randomly?

A: We get it very often also, text us a photo of that breaker at 516-554-0278. We will verify if it’s the Eaton CH type, if so it means it’s defective and we just need to replace it. We replace about 20 of these per month.

Q: My Circuit Breakers Trip Constantly?

A: Your breaker is tripped, and when you turn it off and try to turn it back on, it kicks back to tripped position. It means it has a short circuit. We will recommend you unplug or disconnect anything possible at that circuit that lost power, and turn off switches if there are switches there. Sometimes it can be a faulty appliance plugged in and cause that. Once you unplug or disconnect the problematic one, your breaker can stay on again after you reset it. Call us if you still can’t figure this out, it can be very tricky.

Q: Is my Electrical Panel Still Safe?

A: We will advise you to send us a photo first so we can evaluate the condition, it will help a lot if you can send us the current or previous inspection report. It can help us to understand the history of the house better.