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Residential Electrical Services in McKinney, Texas

Welcome to NSW Electrical Maintenance, a premier Residential Electrical Services company based in McKinney, Texas, and proudly serving the surrounding cities in Collin County and the North Dallas Texas area. Our experienced team of electricians is dedicated to delivering top-notch service to meet all your residential electrical service needs. From installations and repairs to smart home automation, we’ve got you covered.

Home Electrical Inspection & Corrections

Are you buying or selling a house? An inspection report is crucial. However, understanding the contents of this report and determining the right and cost-effective repairs can be challenging. Did the inspector thoroughly check all electrical components? We specialize in providing clear insights into such reports. We handle numerous reports for our realtor partners. Email us your report, and we’ll offer practical advice, options, and estimates.

Remodeling and Restoration

Having been in the field for many years, we’ve witnessed numerous remodeling disasters stemming from poor planning, miscommunication, inexperienced tradesmen, and unscrupulous business practices. The most crucial lesson? Do it right the first time. If you’re seeking experienced planning and design, thorough communication, and top-notch work (though not the cheapest), reach out to discuss your project.

Portable Backup Generator Installation

Unpredictable summer and winter weather can lead to power outages. From trying to consume perishable food quickly in the summer heat to fearing pipe bursts in winter, the challenges are numerous. And of course, nobody wants to be without the internet! Installing a portable backup generator might be more affordable than you think. We offer several options tailored to your needs. Contact us, and we’ll devise a cost-effective solution to prevent future outages. Click Here for More Details….

EV Chargers

With the rise in popularity of electric vehicles, it’s essential to have a reliable EV charger at home. Installing one shouldn’t be a DIY project due to the complex panel work and potential dangers. Working with an experienced electrician is crucial. If you’re looking for someone qualified who has installed numerous chargers, give us a call. We welcome onlookers as well!

Custom Cabinet Lighting

A dream kitchen is incomplete without elegant cabinet lighting. Many homeowners overlook the importance of under and over-cabinet lighting. We’re passionate about helping you realize your dream kitchen with our customized LED lighting systems. Unlike some electricians, we don’t cut numerous holes in your drywall. Our efficient system is maintenance-free and offers synchronized control. View some of our projects click here.

Indoor Lighting

Proper indoor lighting can enhance mood, energy, and work efficiency. Bad or dim lighting can make an environment uncomfortable. Ensure your lighting complements your space and maximizes comfort.

Panel Upgrade

If you suspect your Electrical panel needs replacement, send us a photo first to let us evaluate the panel’s condition. Many electrical companies try to sell you panel job without even taking a look on your panel’s condition. And sometimes they will false claims stating all of your weird electrical issues is related to the panel and persuade you to go for a panel upgrade. That is not the right way to help the client. Give us a call to talk about your concern first and we can decided if you really need a panel upgrade or not.

Sub Panel and Hot Tub Wiring

Planning an outdoor project? Whether it’s a pergola, swimming pool, or hot tub, proper electrical planning is crucial. Leaving this to a general contractor can lead to last-minute changes and added expenses. Engage with an experienced electrician from the start to save time, money, and avoid headaches.

Troubleshooting and Repairs

This isn’t our favorite job, but it’s essential. We often receive calls to fix DIY experiments gone wrong. While you might be skilled in other areas, electrical work is a different ballgame. So before you spend hours trying to figure out an issue, give us a call. Joe, we’re looking at you!

Whole Home Wiring and Automation

Transform your home with our smart product solutions. Seamlessly control lighting, temperature, security, and more. Enhance your living experience with intelligent upgrades tailored to your needs.

Whole Home Surge Protection

Did you know that 2.6 million power outages in the US are caused by surges, with 2 million of these in Texas alone? These surges can damage appliances and equipment. Protect your home with our “Whole Home Surge Protector.” This silent guardian works tirelessly to shield all your appliances.

Landscape Lighting and Custom Lighting

Elevate your outdoor spaces with our landscape and custom lighting solutions. Whether you want to spotlight a garden path, uplight trees, emphasize architectural elements, or just set a warm evening mood, we’ve got bright ideas for you.

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